It’s Sydney in the early 2000s, and Grub is spending the summer with her universally adored older brother, Elijah, and his magnetic but troubled best friend, Zed. Their days are filled with surfing, swimming and hanging out; life couldn’t be better.

But years later, Elijah disappears and Grub’s family unravels. At first, Grub blames Zed: he was the one who derailed Elijah from a bright future in the arts. But as Grub looks back at those dreamy summer days, the sanctuary of her certainty crumbles. Was Zed really responsible for her brother’s disappearance? Was anyone?

Tidelines is a tender coming-of-age novel about growing up in the face of unimaginable loss. It examines the stories we subconsciously write for ourselves, and what remains later, when we have the courage to tear them apart.


‘A debut novel rich with humanity and compassion.’—Good Reading Magazine

‘The poignant tone of her reflections showcases a graceful style.’—The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

‘Approaches the subjects of mental illness and drug addiction with sensitivity and insight.’ —The Saturday Paper

‘Tidelines has a rich heart; it is lyrical, it is tender, it is compassionate.’—The Australian

‘The lyricism of a poet and precision of a doctor fuse to create unforgettable metaphors.’ —Honi Soit


‘Beautifully conceived and written, Tidelines is about the faulty but inescapable ties of family and friendship.’

Debra Adelaide

‘A tender and visceral story.’

Kristina Olsson

‘Captivating, bittersweet.’

Fiona Robertson

‘An exquisite sense of unravelling saturates.’

Grace Chan

‘Beautiful, lyrical, haunting. Quietly hopeful.’

Al Campbell

Available in print, e-book and audio