On Medium: ‘Writing what you know, courage, and the many-faced god.’

‘I’ve come to understand facts alone cannot construct reality, there is legitimacy in the way things are experienced and the most effective stories capture that emotional fidelity.’ I have a new profile over on Medium and this piece about taking the plunge into creative non-fiction. Click the image or here for the link.

New publication: The silver thaw

I have a new YA fantasy/creative non-fiction piece entitled ‘The silver thaw’ out now with Intersection Stories*. A big thank you to Eric Benedict for his beautiful illustrations. The brief was to write a story that relates to personal: loss, recovery, challenge, growth, trauma, healing, shame and/or change. Then the piece was to be reimagined in…

My Top 10 Books of 2017.

I read so many wonderful books in 2017 that it was hard to narrow it down to a top 10. Did you enjoy any of these titles? Or can you recommend any I should add to my 2018 reading list?